How To Choose Engagement Rings & Find The Right Store In Melbourne

When the special days in our lives are in question, we always want things to run as smoothly and as perfectly as possible. You probably spend a lot of time planning everything and you cannot afford things to go south. That would not only be frustrating at that very moment, but it would also create a life-long unpleasant memory, which is definitely not what anyone wants.

Getting engaged is definitely one of those special moments and special days that you spend a lot of time planning. Of all the things that could ruin this special day, which one is the worst? Without a doubt, getting the wrong engagement ring is the worst thing that can happen. Imagine your other half carrying that life-long unpleasant memory on their finger for the rest of their lives. It would be awkward, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a nice read about why we give engagement rings in the first place:

If you don’t want your other half to be disappointed with the ring you get them, you will need to get some helpful advice both from the people around you and from the experts who know what they are talking about when engagements are in question. You will definitely need some useful tips on how to choose the perfect engagement ring as well as how to find the right store in Melbourne. Read on to get some of those tips.

How To Choose A Ring

Let me start by giving you some helpful tips on how to choose the perfect piece of jewelry for the occasion. It doesn’t do you any good to find the perfect shop and then realize that you cannot find what you are looking for there. Although this rarely happens with actually perfect stores. Still, let us first focus on choosing the ring.

Make Sure To Know What Your Partner Likes

The person you have been with for a while probably has his or her own style preferences. There are things that people like and then there are things that people don’t like and when your significant other is in question, I can only assume that you know a few things about their likes and dislikes. Think long and hard about the type of ring you think they would want.

In case you two have never really talked about this and in case you cannot or don’t want to take wild guesses about their preferences, I suggest you talk to some of their friends. Friends talk to one another about their likes and dislikes when it comes to style and jewelry and that will definitely help you pick out the perfect engagement ring. You can even take those friends shopping with you if you feel more comfortable and if you think that you cannot make the right choice on your own. Here are some more tips on how to choose.

Don’t Forget The Size

The worst thing you can do is just randomly pick out a piece of jewelry without being sure that it will fit. Imagine yourself proposing and trying to squeeze the ring on your partner’s finger at such a special moment. Or, imagine the ring being extremely big and falling right off. This can definitely lead to some unwanted memories, am I right?

I know that checking ring size can be a bit tricky when you are trying to surprise your other half. It’s not like you can just blurt out the question and expect your partner not to get suspicious of why you are asking. Once again, you can have friends help you with this, or you can take one of your partner’s existing rings and take it to any jewelry shop to check the size.

Diamonds All The Way

There might very well be some new trends out there, but diamonds will never go out of fashion. When engagement rings are in question, I would advise you to stick to diamonds. It’s a tradition and it has some meanings attached to it. Plus, I really believe that your significant other would want to get a diamond on this special day. So, don’t give it any second thoughts at all – diamonds should be your only choice.

How To Find The Right Store In Melbourne

As I have already mentioned, you will have to find the perfect store in Melbourne, so that you can make sure you are getting a high-quality piece of jewelry for your significant other. There are a lot of stores to take into considerations. This means that there are some factors and some criteria that you have to stick to when choosing the store.

Check Product Quality

The first thing you have to do is check out the collection of the stores you come across. So, for example, before making any choices, take a look at the ANTON Melbourne diamond engagement rings collection, as well as the collection of any other store you are considering and check the various rings that they are selling. Then, open those pieces of jewelry that you like and take a closer look at how they are made and whether their quality is up to standards.

Check Store Reputation

In order to really be able to determine the quality of the products, you will also have to look into the reputation of particular stores. You can do this by searching for and reading online reviews about specific stores, so that you can find out what the people who have already shopped there have to say. Their opinions will really come in handy, because you will get to see how reputable and reliable certain stores are.

Check Prices

Prices are, of course, another important thing to look into. Naturally, this shouldn’t be the number one criterion, but the truth is that you will have to make sure that you are paying a reasonable price for your engagement ring. Compare the prices at a few places and then take all of these criteria into consideration, so that you can choose the perfect store in Melbourne.