Great tips for relocating your family to Australia

Moving home is always a stressful time. Just the packing up of your house is enough to send anxiety pangs through your mind. If you are moving overseas then you need to prepare yourself that you are not always going to have an easy ride, and that stress will be part of your life for a period of time. Nonetheless, there are ways that you can make moving to Australia easier for yourself and your family and make an adventure of it rather than a nightmare.

Choose carefully where you are going to live

The location in which you live may be in many ways dictated by the job that you have taken. However, you will still have some latitude as to where you live, which impacts the lifestyle that you gain from the place that you choose. You can choose to live centrally in a city or you could choose to be in the suburbs. Try and find a location that immediately makes your family feel at home and provide some of the amenities that they want. It could be that for young kids having a local park that is excellent makes all the difference in how they adapt to their new surroundings as they play day-to-day.

If you have a choice as to where you travel to then you need to choose the right city

There are lots of differences between the cities in Australia. For example Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne tend to be buzzing Metropolitan urban areas, Canberra is a city that was well planned and feels like a big country town. Canberra is the government centre and capital city and has a relatively small population in a very different way of life. To help you choose the right city for you, it is important that you research as there are important things to know before moving to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or wherever you eventually settle for.

Get in control of your financial affairs

It can be expensive to move to Australia and you need to make sure you’ve factored in everything. You need to consider visas, moving your belongings and your family, taxes, pets, and the new budget you have to have for living in Australia.

Perhaps the biggest shot that some people get from the move to Australia is the cost of living, which can be expensive. If you take a lifestyle dive when you moved to Australia because you haven’t planned your finances then this can cause things to be somewhat miserable.

Think about your pension, disposable income and map everything out. Make sure you have bank accounts sorted before you arrive, and that you have rent or mortgage covered for several months in advance and saving in your bank account so that you don’t have stress.

Involve your kids

The worst thing for kids is when they are wrapped and moved without any choice in the matter. That is normally what happens. They need to feel like they have some control over their bedroom, the house you choose, the neighbourhood, the clubs and societies that they join, where you go out for your first meal out when you arrive, what they take with them in the flight over, the school they attend, the way in which they will stay in touch with friends back home and so much more. You need to make sure that they don’t feel like this is a clean break with no control, as this will add more stress to their lives.

Always choose experience removals companies

One of the most stressful things that can happen is you arrive at your new home and you don’t have any property there to greet you. You don’t want to be living without furniture for weeks, and you need to make sure that the children have their valued possessions on arrival. Working with an experienced shipping company that moves things to Australia will make all the difference and help you transition smoothly to Australia. They will be aware of customs and import restrictions and make sure that your goods don’t get stopped and delayed. They can advise you on packing, shipping and acclimatising to new environment. They will also be able to help you with insurance so that you can have peace of mind as you travel.

Moving to Australia with a pet

You need to be aware of the realities of moving to Australia with a pet. Quarantine tends to cost around AU$2000 and will take time. The laws in Australia were relaxed somewhat in 2013, meaning that if you have got an import permit and follow the correct procedures your pet will tend to only spend 10 days in quarantine. That used to be 30 days. Go to the Department of agriculture and water resources website to find out the latest guidelines and advice on moving with your pet.

Get ready for the Australian climate

It is likely that Australia will be a bit warmer than where you come from. Average summer temperatures are around 30°. It’s much easier to get burnt in Australia and even in New Zealand, and the weather can be quite abrasive.

Moving to Australia is an exciting experience, and you need to treat it as such rather than as a nightmare you need to adapt to. Make the most of opportunities to meet friends, sample the culture, and enjoy Australia and Australian hospitality.