Gallany Jet Black First Class Mascara Review

If your eyes are sensitive mascara, but your lifestyle demands that your mascara is also waterproof, then you are going to have a hell of a time finding a product that fulfills both those needs. It is not that there aren’t mascaras out there for sensitive eyes or contact wearers – there are a bunch of them – but typically you will have to sacrifice something, and most of the time, that something is waterproofing and smudgeproofing.

However, Gallany Jet Black First Class Mascara is a rare breed that features a more natural formula, but also nicely waterproof. Usually, waterproofing and less of a chance of smudging are achieved by the use of waxes, parabens, and a whole slew of other chemicals. This makes such mascara very unfriendly to sensitive eyes. However, Gallany uses wax and mostly natural ingredients to not only achieve waterproofing and a smooth finish, but to nourish the eyes.

While there are some chemicals within, the list of them is vastly smaller when compared to some of its more irritating competitors, which leaves less of a chance for a flare up. It also includes ingredients like green tea and aloe vera to help nourish lashes. That being said, Gallany mascara isn’t without its downside.

One of the biggest downsides is that it uses alcohol and as an agent to allow the mascara to go on free of clumps. This can be a big problem for some sensitive eyes. The product also features wheat protein, carnauba wax, and candelilla wax which can trigger allergies. It also features beeswax which can be a big no-no for those allergic to it. Unfortunately, so many people are cut off from a number of mascaras because of the inclusion of beeswax, but that ingredient is a large part of what goes into successful waterproofing.

However, the mascara does all it claims to do. It goes on nice and smooth with clumps only appearing as the product gets older. It doesn’t flake and it is indeed as waterproof as it claims. You can cry or get splashed and the mascara will stay just where it is without smudging or running. However, this does mean that you will need a professional makeup remover to take it off at night.

While this mascara performs well and excludes a number of the irritating ingredients of similar quality mascaras, it is still not a go-to for all people with sensitive eyes. If alcohol irritates your eyes or you have an allergy to several waxes, you will likely want to consider another product, and likely you will only be able to find non-waterproof mascaras.