EVXO Liquid Mineral Foundation Review

It is a darn shame that you can’t give foundations more interesting names to help differentiate them because, like in this case, some really good foundations can slip through the cracks with their generic names. However, if you have a few specific key phrases that can help you, then you can make sure that doesn’t happen.

The EVXO Liquid Mineral Foundation, despite the drab name, is an excellent product. What drew me to the product initially was the buzzwords that followed such a plain product name. Much of the time, I look out of cosmetics that boast organic ingredients, but Vegan and Gluten-free are also appealing. Yes, of course, cruelty-free doesn’t hurt either. EVXO foundation boasts all of those. Of course, one point of interest was that it stated it had “90% Organic Ingredients,” which might seem like a pitfall, but I found it honest. Most cosmetics that boast organic ingredients are rarely 100% organic, even if the label says it anyway.

This liquid foundation is made of a lot of different extracts like thyme and oregano. All you need is a tomato and you could make a pasta sauce. Jokes aside, it does have things like chamomile that can trigger natural allergies. However, what is the big sell here is this is a liquid foundation without either talc or mica, which is extremely difficult to find. Instead, it uses rice powder to give it that foundation texture and help it bind to the skin. If you are well versed in cosmetics, typically rice powder is reserved for finishing powders to give you a nice matte finish, but it can also have the same effect in liquid form.

So where do the 10% non-organic ingredients come in? Mostly they are found in the “may contain” section which features Iron Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide. It also includes Vitamin E and aloe, which are, for some reason, not organic.

So how does the EVXO liquid foundation stack up as an actual cosmetic? Without talc or mica, it is natural to feel a bit wary about it, but rice powder, if you haven’t already discovered, is awesome. The color runs a little darker in the bottle than it does on the skin, but this is a product that is meant to be layered. It can cover perfections well and, because it is made of powdered rice instead of tiny ground minerals, it doesn’t feel as heavy on the face unless you are slathering on 5+ layers of it.

If you even have a tiny inkling that you might be sensitive to mica, an ingredient that dominates almost all foundations, this is definitely a product you want to try. It is thick enough to bind to skin well, but it doesn’t clog and provides an affordable way to see if it is the mica in foundations that irritate your face or something else.