Everything You Need To Know About Substance Abuse

Substance abuse, as lengthy and complex as it sounds, is a big issue to reckon with when analyzing the woes of the youths in our society. Needless to say, an uncountable number of adults are also massively affected by this hazard.

Substance abuse is the harmful use of drugs without the prescription of medical personnel or organization – it could either be the excessive or uncalculated use of drug substances. This usage is highly ‘illegal’, and as a result, often used in secrecy.


Drugs are stimulants. A stimulant that could be abused is originally made for medication for those living with mental illnesses to serve as mood enhancers, aid physical and psychological functions. At a stage, a drug abuser will need rehabilitation. If you’re an alcohol abuser, get over to this alcohol rehab.



This is either abused in its raw form; snuffing, or by taking an overdose of substances containing a high level of cocaine.


Heroin is a substance usually injected into the body to serve as a painkiller or to create numbness of emotions. Its affordability is one of the many justifications for its use.


The abuse of sedatives is most common in people suffering from ADHD, OCD, BPD, depression, and anxiety. Sedatives often fill people living with this mental illness with the kind of tranquillity they otherwise lack as a result of their brain conditions. The desire to have more tranquil moments often result in the abuse of drugs.


Substances are exploited and overused because of the roles they perform.

Substances like cocaine, meth, and caffeine are used continually to battle stuff like depression, weakness, or tiredness. For an unusually active person, he would prefer to stay active and agitated, hence the frequent use of these stimulants. In most cases, they are not legal and recommended by health organizations.

  1. They cause the user to lose control of his thinking faculties.While overusing both legal and illegal drugs, it is noteworthy that these drugs can alter the cognitive ability of the user. Although the main aim is to enhance activeness, the abuse of these drugs can cause a man to suffer or battle poor mental evaluation of situations or circumstances around them.
  2. Users are most likely to suffer mental illness and depreciation. First, the frequent use of these drugs affects the activeness of the brain. 60% of psychiatric patients are known to be drug and substance addicts. Many of them could have been well and healthy if they had refrained from substance abuse very early. Addictions led them into an awful mental state. Also, for a student or an academic who is trapped in substance abuse, academic growth is stunted due to this frequent intake of drugs. In other words, he is likely to suffer from poor thinking and memory failure.
  3. Strained relationships. Substance abuse often causes strained relationships among family and even friends as the addict becomes a security, financial, and physical threat to the rest of the family. In severe cases, the addict is ostracized and sometimes thrown out of the home.
  4. Crime.  Apart from the known fact that dealing drugs is illegal, the addiction to substances often leads the addict into committing crimes of theft to feed the addiction.
  5. Accidents and Risks. Studies show that the major cause of road accidents is the excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, especially before and during driving.


Substance abuse is illegal and lethal to the consumer and the society at large. Rehabilitation is widely available for addicts but why become an addict in the first place? Don’t do drugs!