Differences Between House Reblocking And House Restumping

Reblocking and restumping are two different words that can be used interchangeably. The terms referred to the process of replacing foundation stumps. This is the process whereby crack concrete or wooden stumps (foundation) underneath a house are replaced with new stumps. 

Reblocking or restumping involves placing jacks to support the floor (the house is jacked up) as the worn-out foundation is dug out and removed. 

When the broken or cracked stumps are removed, new concrete stumps are inserted in their place. Though the process of replacement can cause damages to the floor and walls, it is the work of the contractors hired that fixed the damages. Also, see here for reblocking Coburg.

How Do You Know Your Home Needs  Reblocking or Restumping 

Most homeowners do not take cognizant of their home foundation until disasters set in. The foundation in a building is the most important part of the building because it is the stronghold that the whole structure is based on. Several reasons may presuppose the foundation of your building to be revamped. Below are the following reasons: 

  • Restumping is needed when the house stumps have settled due to movements of soil or when wooden stumps become rusted as a result of moisture in the soil. 
  • If you notice there is an uneven floor in your home and while walking around, it seems you are walking uphill or downhill, then you need a reblocking. 
  • When you notice the presence of pinholes on welded areas that attached the beams and the stumps. This is due to a change in the foundation and as such, said building need reblocking or restumping. 
  • The windows and door lack proper alignment. If you notice your doors and windows make creaking sounds or refused to shut properly without any tangible reason. The problem is basically from the stumps or foundations. 
  • When you notice moisture or other humid conditions near the foundation of your home, prepare for reblocking as the stump is prone to damages. Wood can be destroyed by termites laying bare your stumps to nothingness. 
  • When there are sudden cracks in different places on the plastered walls inside your building and there are tell tales of uneven floors too, you should consider reblocking or restumping. 
  • If there was a recent case of flooding, and you notice the base of your building was flooded for a long time, the best thing to do is hire reblocking and restumping contractors to look into the issue. 

Considering all the above, reblocking or restumping of a building increased the safety and security of the people living in such a building and also increases the lifespan of said building. 


The gravity of the damages determines if the foundation will undergo restumping which is removing only the damaged stumps or reblocking which is the total removal of all the stumps while replacing them with concrete or metal stumps. The cost is dependant on the size of the house and the conditions or the work required, but the price should range from around $5000 – $9000. 

Lastly, it may take at most a week for your house to fully undergo reblocking or restumping.