Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer Stick Review

On my search for a concealer that isn’t completely made of chemicals, we with sensitive skin might have found a winner in this Dermablend model. However, while it is not impossible to make a concealer for sensitive skin in a way that it doesn’t irritate, the key is making it so that it actually works as a good concealer.

The Dermablend Quick-Fix Concealer markets itself as sensitive skin tested, so it is made specifically for us, which is a nice touch. However, infinitely nicer is the fact that their ingredients list makes sense for us too. It has nice natural ingredients with only three potential problems. The first is beeswax, and obviously if you have allergies, you need to stay away. The second is mineral oil. Typically this is bad if you have acne. However, Dermablend is still justified as marketing this as non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic because the amount of mineral oil within isn’t ever going to be enough to clog pores. Mostly it is there just to create smooth blending.

Finally, the last potentially problematic ingredient is talc. By now everyone knows the link that talc has to cancer in women who used it for years on end, and if this were something like a powder foundation, I wouldn’t advocate it. However, it is not talc on the skin that is dangerous, it is inhaling it. Due to the sheer consistence of concealer, it is unlikely that will ever happen, but some may want to be safe rather than sorry.

Now for the moment of truth. Does this concealer actual conceal anything? It was meant for dark shadows under your eyes as well as acne scars, and as a stick, it is meant for spot treatment rather than all around color correction. That’s too bad, really, because it works well on darker acne scars. Of course, some of the dark color still shines through, but when used with a powder foundation to finish it off, the effects are perfect. It also markets itself as easily covering tattoos, but that it a bit of a lie. First of all, it is a stick, so trying to cover a tattoo is a huge waste, plus without powder over it, you’ll still see it.

Overall, the coverage is pretty average, but when used in conjunction with your typical cosmetics, it works as well as you can hope from a concealer. The most important thing is that this is a brand I could learn to love since it is specifically formulated for us, the people with sensitive skin. You can’t help but love a brand that caters to specifically what we need.