Derma Roller – 12 Rules to Follow Before & After

If you are totally new to dermarolling and microneedling, you should follow these twelve rules to maintain a proper and hygienic way of dermarolling.

1. It is ideal to wash your face at least four hours after the dermarolling procedure. Next, apply sunscreen with a high protection factor. Check out another article entitled “Top 5 (Facial) Sun Creams” for excellent face sun cream suggestions.

2. After the treatment, moisturize the skin more intensively. The skin may experience some peeling, so applying a generous moisturizer can be done to prevent it. Then apply creams and moisturizing masks.

3. Ideally, a double dose of the moisturizing cream should be applied for a maximum of one week.

4. One or a couple of days after the dermarolling procedure, stay away from sources of heat as much as you can. Stay away from artificially heated areas such as a saunas and thermal baths. Likewise, refrain from taking hot baths, staying at the swimming pool and drinking alcohol.

5. Each derma roller must be used by one person only. It’s not meant to be shared with other people!

6. Do not use a derma roller on an infected skin. There are several contraindications for dermarolling/microneedling including open wounds, some skin diseases (such as eczema), active acne breakouts, psoriasis, keloids, hypertrophic scars, warts, moles, blood disorders, slow wound healing and diabetes.

7. Derma rollers should not be used for people who are allergic to metal.

8. The derma roller should always be stored in the protective packaging to keep it clean.

dermaroller9. All brand-new derma rollers come in sterile packs, by sterilization with gamma radiation. It means that when you buy a brand-new derma roller and you are about to use it for the first time, there’s no need to sterilize it by yourself.

10. After the rolling procedure, the derma roller should be cleaned. First, it should be rinsed with a warm, running water. Next, make sure to remove any remnants of the epidermis and cosmetics from the roller head by using a soft brush.

11. After rinsing and drying, the derma roller should be sprayed with an alcohol (preferably 70% isopropyl alcohol) or a disinfectant.

12. The derma roller should be stored in a completely sealed protective packaging or container when not in use.