CoverGirl Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation Review

While there is a certain thrill to uncovering an obscure cosmetic, I personally love to review really common ones. Let’s be honest, most people still buy cosmetics to try in physical stores where you can get a good look at them. However, because of the rampant use of skin irritating ingredients, those with sensitive skin need to go online to buy products that actually work.


We pick products like Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 foundation not because of the progressively longer and sillier names, but because it is well-marketed and in your face with its advertising. We know that if Covergirl melted off faces, we might have heard about it. And yes, Covergirl isn’t going to melt off your face, but this particular foundation? Well, it might irritate it.

Covergirl Outlast markets itself as a primer, concealer, and foundation that will last you all day long by giving you matte, shine-free face while also having SPF 20 protection. Like all Covergirl products, it works great. I mean, most foundations these days will have all day coverage, but the face that it doesn’t let the shine in is a nice feature. One of its rare nice features is that is does have a wide range of shades, too.

However, one flaw you might notice first is in its design. Having a concealer and a foundation in one package is fine. That is basically what all liquid foundation is to varying degrees anyway. However, the problem is if you mix in a primer, then it is not really a primer. A primer preps your face to protect the skin and make sure the foundation or other cosmetic bonds well without clogging up your pores. When you mix that in with the actual cosmetic, it doesn’t get a chance to do its job, at least, not well. So those that do use this product shouldn’t be surprised if it causes breakouts if it doesn’t cause irritation.

All of that aside, let’s talk ingredients. Minerals aside, there is only one natural ingredient in that bottle, and it is water. The ingredients list is just one medium-sized list of chemicals, some worse than others. The worse bits are talc, propylene glycol, alcohol, silica, and synthetic wax. The one plus is that is does use the face-friendly titanium dioxide, which is the preferred alternative to those that can’t handle zinc oxide that usually is used in SPF.

If you aren’t familiar with cosmetic ingredients that those with sensitive skin shouldn’t put on their face, the above covers a good amount of them. Sadly, that is actually the trend with all the popular brands. Sometimes they put some effort into their organic or natural lines, but usually they slip things through the cracks. You know, talc is natural even if it causes cancer. So hopefully for those reading this it provides something to chew on.