Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral SPF 30 Foundation Review

There are quite a few women that can go without foundation and look pretty great. However, if there is one thing that every woman of every skin type should know – you can’t go without sunscreen, not even in the winter. Sun not only damages skin, but it can cause aging as well. If you want to keep skin looking beautiful, suncscreen is important. Yet, generally as a rule, I’m against cosmetics that advertise themselves as sunscreen because, well, we put on makeup different than we usually put on sunscreen. However, I am breaking that rule with this one.

Colorescience is all about providing good cosmetics with great sun coverage. In fact, their products are often more sunscreen than they are cosmetics. This means that if you are considering the Sunforgettable Mineral SPF30 Foundation as a heavy foundation, you will be disappointed. This light and airy mineral foundation isn’t a color corrector and it won’t hide your serious blemishes, but what it will do is match your tint, give you that airy mattevmineral look, and protect your skin.

Like any good mineral makeup, much of the ingredients inside are indeed minerals with a high concentrations of of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to give it the SPF power. However, the even better part of this Sunforgettable product is that it has a surprisingly low number of ingredients too, which helps it keep the number of potential triggers low. Seeing as this is a product made for sensitive skin as well as to protect all skin from the sun, it is no surprise.

Overall, if you are looking for a serious foundation, this isn’t for you. It will make your skin look nice and matte, but it won’t cover anything underneath. However, the brush applicator that is built in helps it go on smooth and even while the product itself sits nice and light on your face. Really what I enjoy about this product is the great sun coverage as well as how natural and limited the ingredients are. All in all, it seems like a product that was really built with sensitive skin in mind.