Clinique Almost Lipstick Review

Honesty time, I was drawn in to this product by name alone, something that happens because cosmetics names can occasionally be hilariously intriguing. I wanted to know what made it “almost” lipstick and I also wanted to know what exactly it was if it wasn’t quite lipstick. Don’t worry, I solved this particular mystery!


Clinique Almost Lipstick is named as such because it is some wonderful chimera that is supposed to be part-lipstick and part-lip gloss. This means you are supposed to get the coverage and staying power of lipstick, but still get that sheen and moisturizing nature that is more typical with lip gloss. The theory of it all actually works pretty great in action. I don’t quite get the visibly glossiness, but if we are being honest, I prefer a matte finish anyway. However, you still get the coverage of lipstick, and perhaps the best feature of this Almost Lipstick is that it doesn’t dry your lips out like a normal lipstick can. As many already found out the hard way, dry lips can quickly become irritated lips.

One other nice factor that is worth mention before we get to the bad is the range of colors. This almost lipstick doesn’t come in your traditional shades, which means you might not find a color that works for you. However, if you have a hard to match skin tone or want to try something a little different, there is something to treasure in its range of colors.

Ingredients that play a large part in the moisturizing factor is the three different waxes that are used to make this product. Castor, Carnauba, and Candelilla wax all go into it, but they are all pretty solidly fine for sensitive lips. In fact, the bulk of the standard ingredients list looks pretty safe for those with sensitive lips, but… Well, the real issues are saved for that dread “may contain” ingredients list. The “may contain” ingredients list is just terrible. It is a long list of artificial colors, carmine, and bismuth oxychloride – something I haven’t come to expect from the Clinique brand that is usually pretty safe for sensitive skin users.

The real worrying thing for me is actually the thing that might make this brand okay for some users. The fact that it uses three different waxes could mean two things. This waxes could protect lips, but at the same time those waxes could trap irritating ingredients close to the skin and do more harm than good. It is really more about how your skin reacts. If your lips are carmine sensitive, it is best to avoid the red shades, but if you are sensitive to artificial dyes, it is best to avoid the whole batch. One might say that this Clinique brand is “almost” okay for sensitive skin, but not really.