Top Places To Visit In Dearborn

Top Places To Visit In Dearborn

Asides its status as the largest city in the state of Michigan, Dearborn is best known as the hometown of Henry Ford— The successful American industrialist and founder of Ford Motor Company. Henry Ford boosted Dearborn’s economic growth by constructing the Ford Rouge Plant there in 1917. If you are planning a … Read more

Secrets To Dressing Sharp For Mature Women

So, you’re a golden girl. You’re rich in wisdom, you have enough savings in the bank, you no longer have to prove yourself to other people, and you can afford to not give a hoot about anything. Great! But does that mean it’s okay to dress sloppily? What’s up with the shapeless … Read more

Surprising Foods That Can Trigger a Cough

The human body does a number of things when it is exposed to irritants. Coughing is one of them. When the irritant is inside the lungs, the brain sends a message to the abdominal muscles to push the irritant out by coughing. It is normal for a person to cough every once … Read more

10 Must-have Beauty Supplies For Female

10 Must-have Beauty Supplies For Female

In the market, there is a myriad of beauty products; either cheap or expensive. However, as a female, you cannot afford to miss out on some must-have accessories. Here, in this article, I am going to list out 10 must-have beauty supplies for females. BLUSH MAKEUP This is one of the most … Read more

Discover new cities in the US in January

Are you already planning a trip to the United States in January? Do you have a list of locations that you will be visiting while in the United States? Well, the United States has a lot of beautiful cities and towns that one could explore thus always have this list before entering … Read more

Acrylic Pros and Cons at a Glance

Acrylic Pros and Cons at a Glance

If you are new to the world of nail beauty, you are reading the right article. The nail manicure can be the best fit in a salon by the professional and with an acrylic nail kit. However, do you know that Acrylic nails are still one of the popular means of decorating … Read more

Why are watches status symbols?

A watch like a car can be a status symbol. Just like some cars are not only for getting you from one point from another, so are some watches not just timepieces. Watch lovers can own watch collections just like car lovers do. Here are the reasons that watches are a status … Read more

Gold Bracelets For Women: A Symbol Of Respect

Different types of jewelry have different meanings and so do gold jewelry. For instance, a gold pendant gets its meaning from its shape, a heart shaped one symbolizes love but there are a plethora of other options that are far more diverse. While a gold ring represents love and commitment, a gold … Read more

Combining Style and Function as a Travel Nurse

As a nurse, you are expected to wear scrubs every day. Scrubs are loose, easy to match and very comfortable uniform like clothes that can be used to identify nurses in almost every part of the world. But travel nurses are not always expected to stick to this dress code. In fact, … Read more