The Hot Topic of Crop Tops at a Gym

The topic of whether crop tops are suitable to wear to a gym has become quite a hot one recently. When you break it down though, as long as you clean up after yourself on the equipment by wiping it down, what you wear to work out in is your choice. You should not face … Read more

Eyelash extensions: Look with a different look

Influencers and celebrities have to convert habituated to lash extensions. Few resist this aesthetic treatment of Eyelashes that allows you to show off a radiant look, even just out of bed, and without makeup. And the boom has also reached the street, where beauty centers to apply eyelash extensions have multiplied. Haven’t the bug bit … Read more

5 Reasons to Fall in Love About Bamboo Clothing

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How To Look Glamorous While Riding Motorcycles

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What are Eyelash Extension Glues?

Before, many women use false eyelashes when there are special events they need to attend. However, the era of false lashes seems to have ended when the decade of eyelash extensions began. Over the recent years, the popularity of eyelash extensions has increased. Some of the reasons are due to their convenience and long-lasting effects … Read more

Most outrageous London Fashion Week moments

The inaugural London Fashion Week was held in a West London car park in 1984. Since then, it has come a long way and grown from just 15 catwalk shows to 72 now. The popular British event also brings £269m income to London every year, while approximately 105,000 visitors come to the capital thanks to … Read more