Almay Color + Care Lip Balm Review

Almay Color Car Lip Balm Review

Typically when it comes to cosmetics that are supported by a brand name, but also gentle on your skin, Almay is the way to go. They were one of the very first cosmetics brands to go hypoallergenic, and let’s just say that their discontinued Hydracolor lipstick is one of my favorite lipsticks … Read more

Revlon ColorStay 16-Hour Eye Shadow Review

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Review

When it comes to eye shadow palates, there are none more popular than the Revlon ColorStay palettes. However, the real problem with popular products is that they have earned such a sterling reputation among so many people with non-sensitive skin that we tend not to question them. When we want to try … Read more

Clinique Almost Lipstick Review

Clinique Almost Lipstick Review

Honesty time, I was drawn in to this product by name alone, something that happens because cosmetics names can occasionally be hilariously intriguing. I wanted to know what made it “almost” lipstick and I also wanted to know what exactly it was if it wasn’t quite lipstick. Don’t worry, I solved this … Read more

Tips for Maintaining Glamorous Skin

You may have great skin now that you’re still young, but there’s no stopping aging. A lot of people wish there’s one magic cream to instantly achieve a youthful, glamorous skin. But since that’s not possible, there are a lot of habits and behaviors you can change so you can maintain your … Read more

Secrets to Maintaining Glamorous Feet

As we age, our skin becomes drier. Signs of aging will inevitably occur, no matter how young you think you are. And one part of the body that can reflect that easily is the feet. Every passing year, the dryness, calluses, and discoloration on the nails may get worse. So, keep your … Read more

Glamorous Makeup Tips

The choice of an outfit depends on the occasion, so does a woman’s makeup. You won’t wear the same makeup on a late night party or wedding with the makeup style you wear for work or grocery shopping. Of course, you would want to look fabulous on a special occasion. Whether it’s … Read more

Introduction to Eyelash Extensions

There’s just something pretty and glamorous about having longer and fuller eyelashes. That’s why every time we go out somewhere fun or fancy, we take time applying mascara and curling it up for a fluttery effect. But sometimes, you crave for something more – something that looks more natural and stays. Thankfully, … Read more

Yes, You Can Eat Pancakes and Keep a Glamorous Figure

Staying young feeling, healthy and looking fit, fabulous and glamorous is a great goal for anyone to have!  We go to the gym to tone our bodies, keep in shape and look great. Add on to that the sacrifice in our diets to keep a healthy physique.  That means often sacrificing some … Read more