What Makes Sophia Loren So Glamorous?

a portrait of Sophia Loren in 1959

Sophia Loren, an Oscar winner, is still the pinnacle of glamour and la Dolce Vita at 83. Despite being regarded as among the most glamorous women of all time, the Italian icon is also remembered as the lady who dared to defy established beauty standards in the 1950s. Sophia Loren and How … Read more

Exploring The Glam Side Of Otoplasty

Woman Holding Ears

Otoplasty is a procedure wherein a surgeon reshapes the outer ear, also known as the pinna. This aims to improve or correct the ear’s appearance. Thus, you can also refer to it as cosmetic ear surgery. While it seems like a scary process, otoplasty is safe.  As long as you find a … Read more

Benefits of Wearing Lipstick

A woman applying lipstick looking into a mirror

People nowadays have their beauty standards, and cosmetics are a big part of that.  Makeup comprises a variety of items such as lipstick Along with other beauty products, lipstick is a must-have. It has the power to accomplish a lot to improve our beauty on its own. Either it is for a … Read more

Tips For Matching Your Lipstick To Your Skin Tone

Different types of lipsticks placed on a white table

Lipstick is one of those things that, with just one swipe, can transform your appearance and mood. Nothing is better than having the perfect lip shade before stepping out the door!  Many people do not know how to find colors that look good on them. To find the perfect lipstick, you should … Read more

Best Types Of Manicures To Try

lady hand

When planning your monthly trip to the salon, one of the toughest questions to ask yourself is which type of manicure and pedicure to get. It may get tricky since there are so many options you can choose from. Should you get long nails or cut them short? Should you go for … Read more

Different Types of Hair Everyone Should Know About

redhead woman with short wavy hair, lake, mountains

Like your hair color, your hair type (hair texture) becomes a part of you and your hair maintenance routine from an early age. As you grow older, you might have noticed and felt that your hair’s texture is not the same as it was when you were still little. But don’t fret, … Read more

How To Make Your Manicure Last As Long As Possible

a hand showing red and white manicured nails

Oh, the happiness of freshly manicured hands! Women who love going to the salon can easily relate. After a hectic week at work, sitting down on that comfy chair and getting your nails done is therapeutic, to say the least. It can rid you of stress and boost your confidence since you … Read more

Unique Manicures from Around the World

People get visit nail salons to get their nails cleaned and maintained. But in addition to that, many are also looking into achieving stylish and trendy nails. When it comes to nail ideas, many inspirations can be found online. Today, there are many different manicure trends in various parts of the world. … Read more

How to Avoid Under Eye Puffiness

Take proper care of the eyes by following certain tips

Eye puffiness, commonly known as having an Eye Bag, is probably one of the biggest factors of appeal to women. When women do have eye bags, many of them try to immediately go for a surgical treatment while others just start experimenting around with many eye creams. However, with a little bit … Read more

Guide to Doing Your Manicure at Home

Earlier traditions of Manicure. 

Can’t hit saloon for some reason? A lot of what is done at the parlors can be done at home too such as manicures. Women should be aware that nail health is unarguably one of the most important aspects. Filing and shaping the nails makes them clean and attractive as well. A … Read more

Pros and Cons of Getting Regular Manicures

Every woman loves getting her nails done every once in a while

Women always pay more attention to beauty and self-care compared to men. Every woman loves being perfect and looking attractive. To ensure this, women would be keenly focused on even minor details such as fingernails. The process of manicure is specifically designed for fingernails which provide a filling and appropriate shaping of … Read more