bareMinerals Hydrating Gel Cream Tinted Moisturizer Review

For many, the obvious answer to their sensitive skin is to use fewer cosmetics. It is the obvious answer because, for many, it is the most effective. If you have skin that gets irritated easily, one of the first things you should cut down on is the foundation, especially if you are doing multiple layers to achieve that nice matte finish or cover any imperfections. If your foundation is bothering your skin, the cosmetics world has an answer – tinted moisturizer.

Tinted moisturizer like the Hydrating Gel Cream by bareMinerals is the happy medium for women who want impossibly perfect skin but also achieve that “I just woke up like this” beauty. Of course, most women use tinted moisturizers because we just can’t be assessed to go through the whole morning ordeal, but still can’t go out without our face on. However, for women with sensitive skin, tinted moisturizers are often a welcome and soothing ally.

Despite having one of those names that you shake your head at because of the redundancy – Gel cream, really?  – the bareMinerals tinted moisturizer is of the quality you would expect from a cosmetics brand that changed the foundation world for the better about a decade back.

It is a three-in-one sort of formula, as most tinted moisturizers are these days. This means it not only provides the tint of a light foundation, but it also provides SPF protection and moisturizes. It also markets itself as a CC cream, a color corrector, but since it only comes in a small handful of shades, I don’t know if it will be right for every unique shade that needs a sturdier color corrector.

What is nice about the ingredients in particular is that they are nice and simple. Some of the names get a little chemical-sounding, but upon further research there seems to be no red flags other than a couple tidbits that I’ll get to a bit later. However, there are some nice soothing ingredients like coconut water, heartleaf globe daisy, and salicornia herbs. The interesting bit is that the SPF 30 protection comes from titanium dioxide, which is the go-to ingredient for those with zinc sensitivities, but typically the trade-off is the whitish residue that it leaves. This actually works well in a tinted moisturizer because it is supposed to look like a foundation. However, darker skin women need to be aware that it will cause their shade to be lighter.

So what about those aforementioned potentially bad tidbits? Well, the titanium dioxide making the shades run lighter is one. However, there is nothing that is likely to trigger skin sensitivities. It has squalene that has some moral dubiousness to it as it can come from plants, but it more commonly harvested from shark livers. However, the more health-related issue is the silica. Silica is poised to be the next big talc of the cosmetics world because not unlike asbestos, inhaling silica dust can cause a similar respiratory issue some 20 years down the line if inhaled. Really that is only a worry for constructions workers, though. This moisturizer likely doesn’t have enough silica to do any harm and since it isn’t the flaking sort, you likely won’t be inhaling it.

Potential problem ingredients aside, bareMineral Hydrating Gel Cream does its job as a tinted moisturizer well. I personally can’t attest to its claims of “increasing skin hydrating in just one week,” since, well, can you really check how hydrated your skin actually is? However, its sheer-to-medium coverage does check out, giving better color correction and general tint with each layer you put on, but one layer alone does still give you a great radiant and soft look. Another plus that is pretty standard with tinted moisturizers is that is it easy to take off with a gentle cleanser, but won’t just melt off your face is you get it a little wet since it starts to absorb into your skin, not just layers over it.

Overall, this is a great choice for a tinted moisturizer and it doesn’t cost the $50 for one tube that other brands feature for some stupid reason. While it could feature more shades and probably won’t be your best bet for skin color correction, if you want a light foundation alternative that is nourishing instead of irritating as well as boasts a pretty sturdy SPF for your skin, you can’t go wrong here.