Au Naturale Organic Eye Shadow Review

The number one rule for choosing cosmetics if you have sensitivities is to pick a product with as little ingredients as possible. This minimizes the chance of irritation and not exposing your skin to ten tons of chemicals is generally a good idea all around. However, finding a product with only a handful of ingredients is a challenge, but Au Naturale lives up to its name by creating an eye shadow with exactly four ingredients on the label.

While Au Naturale Organic Eye Shadow may seem like a godsend, it is still important to know what those ingredients are, and in this case, the first is mica and the second is iron oxide. Both of which can cause irritation in a few women. However, if you aren’t sure if it does in you, this product can be a pretty good way to find out.

However, even if you don’t think you have mica sensitivities, you might find this cloying at times. Typically mica is blunted by the inclusion of other chemicals that act like a shield against their sharp edges. There are no such chemicals here. However, if the sharp edges of microscopic mica are not your issue, you couldn’t want for a better eye shadow.

Not only does Au Naturale go on smoothly, but you can layer it for nice dark colors or keep a nice subtle look. However, while the container is slightly expensive, it is pretty large as far as eye shadow containers go. This means you will likely be using this bad boy for quite a while.

While the big container is pretty great, you know what is better? The fact that they sell 33 different shades. While you have to buy each shade individually, there is a lot to choose from. Everything from proper shadows for your skin tone to bright and sporty colors if you decide to spontaneously go to an illegal rave some time.