Au Naturale Crème de la Crème Eye Shadow Review

When you have sensitive eyes, finding a good cream eye shadow is a task, a near impossible task. For sensitive eyes, you want something that is light so that it doesn’t suffocate your skin and low on chemicals. While light on your skin is against the very nature of cream eye shadow, and it seems that many brands can’t get that creamy texture without chemicals. However, we might have just found your new favorite cream eye shadow.


As a vegan and organic cream eye shadow while still featuring that great texture and color, Au Naturale’s Crème de la Crème Eye Shadow is a real godsend. Not only are its ingredients all natural, but they are ingredients you can understand and it is a small list of them at that. This product is living proof that you can indeed make a cream eye shadow without a single chemical within.

There is some bad news, though. If you are allergic to natural ingredients, you might run into some trouble. Two common culprits are the meadowfoam seed oil and the lavender oil that it uses within. It also contains mica and iron oxides (as well as the less irritating titanium dioxide) that could be triggering. However, if you know you are sensitive to any of those ingredients, you should already know to avoid this product. If you don’t know if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients, there are only eleven ingredients in the whole product, so you will figure out the sensitivities pretty quickly.

As for how it works as a cream eye shadow, this product not only gives you that rich texture, but you get brilliant colors as well. With 14 different shades, it also offers a lot of different color options, which is particularly nice considering how natural it is. However, it is not just a cream eye shadow, it also markets itself as a brow filler and an eye liner as well. The brow filler checks out because of its great texture, but I’m not so sure of its qualities as an eye liner. Not only will you need an extra thin brush to use it as such, but it spread well though I don’t know if it spreads well enough to be an eye liner. Plus, it is pretty smudge proof once it sets, but not very waterproof at all. I also don’t know what would happen if you got it in your actual eye, but I imagine something none too pleasant.

Its lofty boasts aside, this Au Naturale product deserves a lot of praise. While it might be locked off to those with specific allergies and sensitivities, for women that are chemically sensitive and can’t seem to find a cream eye shadow without any chemicals, this right here is your answer. With natural, vegan, and organic ingredients inside, you have much less of a worry about it than you would have with other more dubious products.