6 Signs Of Mold Inside Wall And How To Remove Mold From Walls

Most people are at risk of mold infections. And it is more prone in clustered and damp environments. How then do you know if you are at risk of mold exposure or your walls have already been infected by a mold?

It is really hard to detect mold growth in your wall unless there are some tell-tales of it on the surface of your wall.

Nevertheless, you can always confirm mold-infestation if you focus on some telltales or sign in your space or wall which I shall list below.

5 Signs Your Walls Are Infested By Mold

Musty Or Dampy Smell

Whenever you feel an earthy smell or a damp smell, it is usually a sign that your wall has been infested with Mold. When you are not sure about the smell, it is better to sniff through holes in your wall. Sniffing through all the electrical outlets on your wall will help you know what exactly is wrong. This may sound silly, but there is no other better way to it.

Warping, Cracking Of Wall, Or Peelings Of Paints

When you notice cracks or bumps on your wall, it may also be a sign of infestation. Also, the appearance of the colors that are different from your paint could also be a sign.

Mold can actually be any color from black, white, purple-green, gray or brown, so you better leave no stone unturned.


When you are in the confinement of your home, and you tend to feel sick compared to when you are outdoor, It may be that your walls are infested.

The forms of sickness may range from constant headaches to an inability to focus, dizziness with no sign of any other ailments. Memory loss can also be a sign that your walls are infested by mold.

Leakage of Water

The cause of most mold infestation is water leakage, whenever you notice your tap or pipes leaking in your wall and you feel that there is too much moisture on your wall, you might need to take precautions by inviting mold remediation experts to have a check of your walls and house.

Respiratory Disorder

If you tend to have respiratory issues whenever you are in your home or you suffer from labor breathing in your house or some particular rooms in your home, there are certainly molds in such a room and the assistance of a professional should hereby be sought. You can reach out to Mold Testing Solutions in CT – Fairfield County Connecticut.

How To Remove Mold from your walls

Removing Mold from your walls is quite a tasking and expertise-based work that needs to be handled with utmost care if one tends to cure one’s walls of infestation.

Scrubbing And Washing

You can remove mold from your walls by scrubbing the infested walls with soap and water.

Hiring the Services of Professional

In the case of infestation inside the wall. How do you take care of those inside the wall? You call Mold Remediation experts or professionals to have a look and take care of your walls for you.

Use of Vinegar or Soda

It depends actually on the severity of the infestation. Scrubbing your walls with vinegar or baking soda, detergent, and water

Proper Ventilation

Drying the area of the infestations through opening or doors and windows to enable enough air to dry off the humidity on the walls.

Usage Of Dehumidifier

Using a dehumidifier also reduce moisture problems and prevents molds from growing back.

Note; All the above are how you can take care of mold infestation on your wall and not inside of your wall because this needs tearing down of some part of the infected wall which should be done by professionals and experts in this kind of field.