5 Creative Business You Can Start In Your Garage

Many successful start-ups have sprung from the most unlikely places. From bedrooms to living rooms, kitchens, and even garages. In fact, some of the most successful fortune 500 and tech companies started from the founder’s garage, and with consistency, dedication, and hard-work, grew to be the global brands they are today.

That your unused garage can be the springboard for building the corporation of your dreams. As long as you have the right set of skills and qualifications, and most importantly, you are properly located for the type of business you want to run, you can steadily grow this side hustle into a full-fledged business.

It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time wife or a career woman if you really need to start something on the side, but don’t know where to start from or what to do, this article contains five creative business ideas you can start from your rent-free garage.

1. Hair salon in your garage

Countless number of hairdressers are running highly successful businesses from the comfort of their homes. However, receiving customers inside the living space may not be ideal, especially if you have a family. In this situation, your garage can serve as a great alternative.

The typical garage is in fact large enough to accommodate your hair salon equipment and seat enough customers without affecting free flow of movement. Not only will running a beauty salon from your garage afford you enough space to run your business properly, converting a garage into a hair salon will also make it easy for you to keep business separate from your home life, while you can customise the look and feel of your new business space as much as you like.

2. Beauty salon in your garage

If your skills lie more in the area of beauty, facials, nails, massage, and therapy, you can easily convert your unused garage into a beauty salon. The beauty of this idea is that if you live in a neighbourhood where people have to go long distances to get a beauty treatment, then you can be sure of good patronage, as long as you have the skills to deliver.

With clever use of space and clean décor, you can easily transform your garage into an attractive and tranquil location for your clients. Be sure to make proper use of light, and that you have all the necessary tools and equipment every modern woman need to look glamourous.

3. Dance/ Yoga studio

The realities of today have made it so that very few people have the time or inclination to workout. And for many women, the prospect of commuting to the centre of the city is enough to discourage any attempt at a gym membership. Fortunately, this provides a lot of untapped potentials for business.

A home garage is a perfect place for a studio. You can run a dance studio, a yoga studio, a pilates studio, or even a small fitness club out of your garage, joining many instructors who are already doing their bit to keep the community fit.

Do give your space the authentic yoga studio ambience, used laminated wood flooring, good lighting, and add full-length mirrors along the wall.


While you are considering which of the ideas covered in this article will work for you, remember that you will be investing some of your hard-earned money in your new garage-based business venture, and so it is important that you protect your investment against theft and vandalism. Therefore, your first task will be to make one or more changes to the security of your garage.

This is where you will need the expertise of a garage specialist, who will come to check your garage space, strengthen your garage door, or simply replace it with something more suitable for a place of business.

You should also consider checking with your local council to see if you will require any license or permissions to operate out of your garage.

4. After school classes

While your garage may not be big enough to run a proper school (it also entails a lot of paperwork and requires lots of approvals), it can definitely work as an after school lesson centre.

Teachers can earn extra money on the side by offering extra classes to students after school or during the holiday. If you can get the necessary approvals, you can even use your modified garage as a child-care centre for working parents.

Simply add a few windows to allow in natural light, strategically place natural plants, the requisite desk, chairs, and bookshelves, and a wall-mounted chalkboard or smartboard and you are all set for business.

5. A proper home office

If you don’t have the skills or qualifications to do any of the above, but you have the qualifications to run a corporate office, then you can also do so from your converted garage.

Whether you are a freelancer, an accountant, lawyer, or even a blogger, you can successfully kick-start your private practice from the rent-free comfort of your home garage. All you need is to spruce it up a little bit, lay hands on the necessary office furniture and equipment, and you are ready to hang your shingle.

As you can see, there are a few things you can do to make money from the comfort of home. But like everything else, succeeding in business requires more than just an idea. You need to work hard at it, be consistent, and slowly but surely, you will see your business grow.

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