5 Bathroom Renovation Tips You Must Know

Do you know?

A bathroom renovation can be the best project you can execute to reform your property for value and functionality.

In most cases:

Realtors spend more in renovating the bathroom of a property than on its landscape to increase rents or home purchase price.

But it’s not usually a walk-in-the-park:

Except you choose the best bathroom renovations company and create a smart-arse renovation plan. And that is why I have created this post.

In this article:

You will understand the 5 GOLDEN bathroom renovation tips for a successful project.

Let’s get started:

Tip 1; Plan Your Bathroom

Very important:

The first step always is to have the complete picture of how you want your bathroom to be. The design, color, theme, size, and functionalities of it must not be left out of the big picture.

For the design:

It’s always the best to be chosen ONLY by the person/people to use the bathroom. For a family bathroom, everyone has to be involved to choose a design y’all will love.

For the color:

Basically, the bathroom color does not essentially have to be the same with that of other rooms. Though, that’s what most people encourage. But the point is to choose a dirt-resistant coating.

For the theme:

There’s no better way around this. Your bathroom theme should align with your lobby and the living room. Those spaces are in the same category.

Finally, for the size:

The right bathroom size is one that accomodates the exact number of users. Other things to consider are; total number of bathroom appliances and traffic.

Moving on…

Tip 2; Plan Your Budget

Pay attention now:

Having your budget planned-out is the creation of a strong backbone for a successfully executed renovation. 


Without a budget plan, your project would either come poorly executed or not get completed in time.

You don’t want that right?

So, show the chosen design, theme, painting color, and bathroom size to your contractor to ask for a quote.

After the negotiation:

Put an extra 20% of your budget in place for all the inevitable unexpected expenses. Mostly, I recommend 25%. But again, it depends on how financially bouyant you are. Right?

Next up:

Tip 3; Choose The Right Materials

Very important:

The quality of material determines the lifespan and the efficiency of a structure. That’s an architecture law. And it must be obeyed even in a renovation project.

So, do this:

Discuss your preference for quality material with your contractor. The thing is, most homeowners opt for low quality to save budget.

And you know what?

They end up with a bathroom they will only live to hate. You’ll avoid this as long as you follow my 20-25% extra budget in my previous tip.

Moving on…

Tip 4; Discuss Lighting At Length


A well-lit bathroom is not an option. Because you don’t want those bulbs shutting out on you amidst a night shower. Yes, that happens too. And it’s a deadly bathroom hazard.

Another thing:

Having a well-thought-out lighting system installed in your bathroom prevents having blinding shadows on your face. Likewise, good lighting adds to the elegance and luxury of the bathing space.

Next up:

Tip 5; Proper Ventilation

Just like lighting:

A proper ventilation system must be planned by an expert in this area. Often, a contractor will come in to do a survey of the space. With the survey, a proper ventilation system is planned.

Mind you:

The kind of ventilation system to be used depends largely on your budget and the number of bathroom users.