4 Best & Most Glamorous iPhone Cases To Protect Your Cell

The power of a cool phone casing can never be underestimated. Here in this article, we would be taking on a ride on where to shop the most durable and stylish phone cases – from waterproof covers to cases with built-in accessories and more.

An entire phone look isn’t complete without accessories, and that includes an eye-catching phone case! Hollywood’s hottest stars are always spotted on their phones, which usually have all the works — from colorful phone cases to leather, life-proof and waterproof ones. Read our top picks for the best cell phone cases from online casinos usa, below!

1. OtterBox Apple iPhone Otter + Pop Symmetry Case
OtterBox Apple iPhone Otter

This beautiful lemon-print OtterBox + Pop symmetry case is sure to brighten anyone rocking it a day! Not only does the casing feature OtterBox’s cutting edge protective shield, but it also includes a yellow PopSocket integrated into the back of the phone for a better grip. This glamourous casing also helps you to text one-handed, snaps better pics, watches videos hands-free, and configures into a stand for hands-free viewing. It also comes with amazing two-in-one case features: durable protection shields against drops, bumps, and fumbles, raised screen bumper helps protect the touchscreen, swap out designs for quick style changes to match every moment, and it lays flush with the case to slide smoothly in and out of pockets. While this might interest so many, it’s worth knowing the amazing casing is available in the following Apple iPhone products; iPhone 11; iPhone X/XS; XR; iPhone 11 Pro Max; iPhone 8/7 Plus; iPhone SE (second generation) 87; and iPhone XS Max). Additionally, this particularly casing comes in a cool blue and purple ombre color called “Making Waves,” which features a dark purple PopSocket. This glamourous OtterBox Apple iPhone Otter + Pop Symmetry Case is selling at $50 on target.com.

2. OtterBox – Symmetry Series Case for Apple iPhone 11 – Glitter
Apple iPhone 11 – OtterBox

The OtterBox phone casing is a well-known phone case and accessories brand. The phone has a prestigious reputation for designing bespoke phone cases that save money from falls and other incidents that could jeopardize the quality of your phone. And, what’s better than glitter? This symmetry series case (made for Apple’s iPhone 11) has a thin design so you don’t have to deal with any pesky or bulkiness. This casing comes with a slim one-piece construction that snaps easily onto your phone. Additionally, its raised, beveled edge helps safeguard your touch screen. According to our sources from Flaming Hairdryer and gooner news, this phone case is selling at a $29 giveaway price on bestbuy.com.


You might be wondering what has Adidas got to do with iPhone cases? Not only does Adidas sell activewear and shoes, but the major sports giant features awesome accessories, like this protective pocket phone case (solely for iPhone 11 Pro). This particular case, in legacy purple with a copper metallic logo, has a grippy rubber finish so it’s easy to carry around, a lightweight build with raised edges that act as a bumper against impact, and an elastic pocket that can be used as a gym-pass or credit card holder, or even as a comfortable grip. Other features that come with their iPhone 11 Pro casing include anti-slip material, an embossed pattern for shock dispersion, and rubberized TPE side strips for grip. However, it’s going for nothing less than a $35 from kiwicasinos casino website.

4. Case-Mate x LuMee Duo Rose Glitter Pink Marble Case – iPhone XS / iPhone X
Case-Mate x LuMee Duo Rose Glitter Pink Marble Case

What happens when Case-Mate and LuMee unite? — An influencer-approved phone case that provides the best lighting for selfies is created (for iPhone X/XS)! This duo partnership rose glitter case with marble pink design is not only stylish but will help you produce good lighting for the best photos. The bright, high-quality light on the front and back of the LuMee Duo makes you the star of your own show. It’s simple and easy to use, and features: strong protection plus soft rails for easy removal, studio lighting-30 Minutes of full brightness, a variable dimmer with tapering light technology, a rechargeable battery, pass-through wireless phone charging, and a one-year limited warranty. $70, casemate.com