3 Popular Types of Swimwear For Your Next Australian Getaway

Australia is one of the top bucket list destinations for surfers and watersports enthusiasts from different parts of the world. With over 50,000 kilometres of pristine coastline and 10,500 beaches, the Land Down Under is always one of the top places that tourists love to explore. The country’s Great Barrier Reef in Queensland is one of the most visited spots. It attracted at least five million tourists annually. Everyone visits the region due to its spectacular islands and try out the place’s unspoiled environment. 

A tour to the Great Barrier Reef will not be complete without spending time at some of its unspoilt beaches like Whitehaven Beach and Hinchinbrook Island. Both locals and tourists would love to lounge around the immaculate white sand and crystal clear waters. Each visit to these marvellous destinations requires several sets of swimming apparel to jump off the waters for a dip easily. However, finding the most flattering swimwear in Australia can be tricky if you have no idea what to get for your body type. 

To understand which swimwear would look good for your body, here are some swimsuit ideas for your next trip to Australia.  

One-Piece Swimsuit

Fashion icons like Bridgitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe made this classic swimwear style a staple for every woman. One-piece swimsuits are perfect for women who prefer to avoid flashing too much skin. It is also ideal for curvy women or girls who choose to hide their tummy pouch. 

The latest one-piece trend includes those with necklines covered in sheer net and fringes on the side. You may also look for swimsuits with dainty prints to look more feminine while on the beach. If you intend to conceal your problem areas, you can choose monotone swimsuits in darker shades like black or blue to appear slimmer. 


The bikinis are another popular type of swimwear that all women would love to include in their wardrobe. The two-piece swimsuit usually comes in different styles that suit every body shape. There are also different variations of bikinis in the market today, including the monokini or the rectangular-shaped swimwear for curvy women, the bandeaukini for those with hourglass figures, and the tankini for the apple-shaped individuals. 

Some trendiest bikini styles that you can find today include those with boho prints, ruffles, and tie-dye prints. You may also get those with cutout patterns for added sensuality. 

Rash Vest/Rash Guard

If you need extra protection in the water, especially while surfing in the Great Barrier Reef, you should invest in a rash guard for your next trip. Also called the rash vest, this type of swimwear in Australia can protect you from the harsh sun rays or other outdoor elements that may cause rashes. It is the most preferred type of swimwear by surfers since it can be an alternative to heavy wetsuits. A rashie can help them prevent irritation from sliding on waxed surfboards. 

Aside from protecting your skin from rashes or chafing, it can also provide minimal protection against sunburn. You may also pick this swimwear if you plan to swim in waters surrounded by jellyfish. 

Swimming in Australia’s clear waters would be more convenient if you bring the appropriate swimwear with you. With the right get-up, you will have the best time frolicking in the waters without worrying about discomforts. So, make sure that you come with a suitable swimwear for your next trip to the Land Down Under.

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