12 Smartphone repair tips

Are you out for some tips to keep in mind for smartphone repairs? This article offers 12 of the best tips to keep in mind.

1. Flashlight not working?

Check to make sure that flash is enabled for whatever mode you are shooting with. Usually, in auto mode, if it is bright, the flash is automatically disabled. Make sure your battery isn’t low because some phones disable flash when the battery drops to a certain percentage. Next, try rebooting your phone. Psst: see the mellieur téléphones intelligents comparateur prix Maroc, at Infotech.

2. Broken phone screen

A broken screen is one of those problems that we all encounter at one point or the other. It happens when our phone screens forcefully come in contact with hard surfaces.

If this happens to you, do not try to fix it yourself. It’ll more likely worsen the damage- I can tell you this from personal experience. Take it to trained and experienced personnel.

3. Phone fallen in water?

Ignore all tips which tell you to tuck your phone in the back of rice. It doesn’t work. Instead, switch it off if it is still on and take out the sim tray. Dismantle any components such as the SD card and pouch. Next, wipe your phone thoroughly with an absorbent cloth. Put the phone and its components out in sunlight and air.

Try it after a few hours. If it doesn’t come on, you’ll need to have a technician check it out.

4. Charging port not working?

If your charging port isn’t working, your first step should be to confirm. Try another charger or charging port. If it is indeed your charging port that isn’t working, do not attempt to fix it. Instead, get it to a technician.

5. Phone overheating?

Several things can cause phones to overheat. If your phone has overheated, first, turn off any heavy-duty apps. Remove the phone from its case- if it has one. If your phone still gets hot after disabling heavy-duty apps, it could be a hardware issue so you should take it to a technician.

6. Fast battery drainage

This could be caused by heavy-duty apps or a weak battery. First, disable all heavy duty apps and make sure not to use too many programs at the same time. If your battery continues to drain fast, take it to a professional.

7. Phone lag?

If your phone is hanging or lagging, a number of things could be wrong. Luckily, you might be able to fix this yourself. Try deleting cache data, delete any apps not gotten from Google Play Store. Next, delete heavy apps. If your phone is still lagging, you need a professional look.

8. Speaker not working?

If your phone’s speaker isn’t working, the problem is likely from the headphone output. Remove your phone from headphone mode by rebooting.

If that doesn’t work, check the volume and be sure that it isn’t on DO NOT DISTURB mode. If all these don’t work, try the factory reset function.

9. Phone not connecting to the internet?

A number of things could cause this. First, check that you are not on airplane mode. Next, reboot your device.  Next, turn on your data and be sure to select the right sim card. Check to see that your phone has 4G set as its preferred connection mode. If these don’t work, call your network provider.

10. Buttons not working?

First, try rebooting. If that isn’t possible or doesn’t work, put your phone in safe mode for an hour. If that doesn’t work, try apps such as you can try a third-party app the Navigation Bar and the No Root version of the Back Button can help you out temporarily.

11. APP Crashes?

Try uninstalling the app and then reboot your device. Next, update your device and check to see that the app is compatible with your current operating system.

12. Broken back glass?

This is another common problem that you could face with your smartphone. If this is the case, the best option is to take it to get fixed as fast as you can so that it doesn’t get worse.

Remember not to unscrew or open up your device yourself as you will most likely do more harm than good.