10 Meditation Mistakes To Avoid


Mediation has been in existence as far back as the creation of man but it is unfortunate that many fail to know the basic principles of this simple act with its wonderfully profound benefits. In the course of meditating, mistakes are often made, typically due to the ignorance of these basic principles that the act of meditating follows. Here are 10 Meditation Mistakes To Avoid.

Mistakes To Avoid In Meditation

  • Wanting relaxation:

One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to relax while meditating. Mediation is the balance between being relaxed and alert. While meditating, it is important to take note that one needs to be aware of his or her state and being, fully. When relaxation comes in, disillusionment sets in, which brings discomfort and boredom. See here for Ishayas Ascension meditation.

  • Relying on guided meditation apps

It is alright when a beginner uses a guided meditation app but when it becomes frequent, he or she begins to lose momentum. At some point, one should be able to meditate without guidance from any source to ensure total silence while meditating.

  • Holding on to our thoughts

While meditating, one needs to free his or her own mind. Failure to do this leads to a lack of concentration and one of the causes of this is thought. People with negative thoughts are prone to this and they should learn to abscond themselves from these thoughts that hinder them from concentrating while meditating. 

  • Choosing the wrong time of the day

The time of mediating is essential. Many people fail to know what time of the day to meditate. Though there is no right time to mediate, the right time is determined by the mediator. The right time is when the mediator is able to discover calmness around and inside of him, regardless of the time of the day.

  • Expecting a quick result

Man is very quick in expecting answers to whatever troubles him. When meditating, people think that whatever it is they seek will be answered quickly. This may lead to failed expectations, disappointment, and frustration. The sooner people realize that it is a spiritual practice, the sooner they experience all those benefits because they will come naturally at no particular time.

  • Judging the experience

Sometimes when mediating, there is always a juxtaposition between our thoughts. When meditating begins, some past experience comes into a display which may draw out negative thoughts, making us ruminate about the past and maybe even fear the future.

  • Wrong duration

For those who are starting out, a very short time comes allocated to it. Although, the time duration is determined by the meditation instructor. The most important thing is to be able to concentrate and be consistent.

  • Not making schedule time

This is another thing many people fail to do. Many people fail to find time in their busy schedules to meditate. Though mediating is a conscious choice that people have to make themselves, therefore, people should try to find time to meditate.

  • Inconsistency

This is another character that people possess. At the very beginning, mediation is new, nothing less, people should make sure they are consistent so as to be able to seek what they find.

  • Thinking about the right and wrong way to meditate

people should be able to control the different kinds of thought that come into their mind when meditating. It is inevitable to prevent thought but is necessary to know the kind of thought to allow into the mind.


Knowing the mistakes of meditating and what to avoid as expressly detailed herein is sure to help revolutionize your meditation practice. And if you were only seeking more knowledge or clarification, it is not too late to start your own meditation.

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